Amelia Island Range
3/1860 Front beacon established and Assistant Keeper appointed (Mrs. Winifred Woodland)
1/10/1861 Florida Secedes from the Union
4/?/1861 Lenses removed for safe-keeping during Civil War and taken to Waldo, FL
5/1/1865 3/22/1865 - Subject: Amelia Island Lt House. Light will be exhibited May 1st (1865). Ackgt of letter. Directing. Index Slip of Letter Bound in Letter Book No. 171, page 34. Writer Inspector (Acting) 6th District C.O. Boutelle by Wm L Lampson Clerk. Hilton Head S.C. 22 March 1865. DARK for 4 years!
9/5/1867 Subject: Amelia Island Beacon, reports exhibition of Light Sept. 5, 1867 Index Slip of Letter Bound in Letter Book No. 213, page 151. Writer Act Engr, 6 Dist J?. P Smith, Charleston SC, 9 Sept.1867
Dark for 6 yrs, 4 mos.
1867 Annual Report - FRONT BEACON - in front, seaward, of the main light, at a distance of about five-eights of a mile, has been re-established. It is moveable, on wheels and a tramway of one hundred feet. The range indicates the channel across the bar, entrance to Fernandina, Florida. A plank walk from themain light across the marsh to the beacon, three-eighths of a mile in length, is under construction and will soon be finished.
10/27/1868 Letter - I vistited Amelia Island Light Station and would respectfully recommend that the wooden bridge leading from the Light House to the Beacon Light be repaired and extended and that a stairway platform be erected at the end toward the Light House. This stairway is absolutely necessary, as the bridge terminates abruptly at the foot of a high perpendicular sand bank which I found it almost impossible to ascend. There are a number of carpenters at Fernandina who would submit estimates ....$200 or it may be a less amount. The roof of the Beacon Light is in a leaky condition and should require immediate attention. As there is a danger that the marsh extending between the Light House and Beacon Light may take fire at any time during the winter, in which case the bridge would be burned, I have as the request of the Keeper furnished him with a scythe with which to clear the grass from the bridge at a distance of fifteen feet each side. Writer: E.E. Stone L.H. Inspector, 6th Dist
10/28/1868 Letter - I am informed by the Keepers of Amelia Island Light House and Beacon Light, that since the station was re-established, they have never received any pay, the Superintendant of Lights, at Brunswick, GA having infromed them that he had no instructions to pay them.
Writer: E.E. Stone L.H. Inspector, 6th Dist
1868 Annual Report - The repairs in progress at this station at the date of the last annual report have been completed and a fence constructed. A plank walk 840 yards in length has been made across the marsh to the beacon light in front, and a roadway, 680 yards, cleared
1/26/1869 Letter - I have visited Amelia Island Light Station and as directed by your letter of Oct. 30th would state that a stair way for ascending and descending the hill, 50 feet in height, would be much more convenient for the Keepers and others who may have occasion to pass to and from the Beacon Light. I also find that small repairs are required to plastering 4 new joists in porch, and steps to porch repaired. I also found about 400 feet of the walk erected last year, from the Main light across the marsh to the beacon, has been settled down nearly to the surface of the marsh, and was informed by the Keeper that the settlement was caused by two persons riding on the walk on horseback. Estimated cost of repairs to plastering, porch, steps or ascending and descending hill, and raising plank walk $210.
Writer: J.P. Smith Actg. Eng. 6th Dist
1869 Annual Report - This station is in good condition. Some small repairs have been made to the keeper's dwelling, and steps made between the main light and the beacon. Some small repairs have been made upon the beacon.
1873 Annual Report -The plank walk between the tower and the beacon is entirely worn out, and it is proposed to replace it with an earthen causeway.
1874 Annual Report - The front beacon has been moved about 150 feet to the south, to conform to the changes in the channel. The beacon is old and decayed, and has been injured by several removals. An appropriation of $1,200 is recommended for the re-establishment of the beacon and tramway. An earthen causeway has been built (to replace the worn-out plank-walk) between the lights.
1875 Annual Report - FRONT BEACON, SOUTH RANGE - This beacon is old and decayed, and is in danger of being destroyed by an ordinary gale of wind. It has recently been braced up to keep it from falling.
1876 Annual Report - FRONT BEACON - A new iron beacon has been erected to take the place of the old wooden one. The cost was defrayed from the appropriation for repairs of light-houses, 1876.
1879 Light-List - FRONT BEACON 30 40 44 - 81 25 54, 10 miles, Black, 22' height base to focal plane, 27' above sea level, 6th order, Established 1868, Rebuilt 1875. Skeleton frame tower; lower part painted black, lantern painted white. Designed to serve as a range with the main light in crossing the bar; entrance to Fernandina, St. Mary's, etc.
12/1/1879 Letter - The committee on Location, to which had been referred the papers relative to changing the location of the Amelia Island Range-Lights returns them and respectfully reports as follows: recommends that the front light of the south range and the rear light of the north range, be discontinued, and that the lantern, lens and other apparatus now in the latter be removed, and established on a structure to be erected at the point marked A on the chart submitted with the joint report in question. The Committe also concurs in the recommendations ....that a new structure be erected for the rear light of the proposed new range, and that a roadway be constructed from the keeper's dwelling to the same.
1879 NOTICE TO MARINERS (No. 48 of 1879) Beacon in front of Main Light, Amelia Island Notice is hereby given that, on or after January 1, 1880, the beacon-light, which, with the Amelia Island Main Light, serves as a range to the old channel, entrance to Saint Mary's River, will be discontinued.
1880 Annual Report - The south range-beacon was discontinued, and the structure was used in making, in part, a new rear light for the new North Range.