Amelia Island North Ranges (Old & New)
1837 Two beacons are placed on the North end of Amelia Island to range with the "Old Channel"
11/1/1858 1st North Rear-Range Lighthouse/Dwelling & Front Tower - constructed and lit - "dwelling house painted white with a red roof. The focal plane is 35 feet above the level of the sea. The illuminating apparatus is a lens of the sixth order, showing a fixed light of the natural color."
1/10/1861 Florida Secedes from the Union
4/?/1861 Lenses removed for safe-keeping during Civil War and taken to Waldo, FL
1861 - 1862 North Rear-Range Lighthouse/Dwelling & Front Tower destroyed by Rebels??
3/4/1862 Union (Dupont) seizes Fort Clinch & Fernandina
6/1/1872 2nd North Rear-Range Lighthouse/Keeper's Dwelling & Front Tower - constructed and lit - "The rear light is mounted on the keeper's dwelling" DARK for 11 yrs 3 mos.
2/17/1880 NOTICE TO MARINERS (No. 5 of 1880) Notice is hereby given that, on or after March 15, 1880, the lights known as Amelia Island North Range Beacons will be changed, and a new range established for crossing the bar in the best water at the entrance to Fernandina Harbor, Florida. The new lights will be catoptric, fixed red, and will be shown from skeleton frame towers pyramidal in form; the front one white, the rear one white and black. For entering the harbor ...... Front 30 42 01 - 81 26 21, Rear 30 41 52 - 81 26 42
1880 Annual Report - The changes that had taken place on the bar rendered both the north and south range beacons useless. The south range-beacon was discontinued, and the structure was used in making, in part, a new rear light for the new North Range.
1881 Jetties construction begins on St. Mary's Entrance to maintain 21' channel
12/14/1885 John Miles leg broken & later amputated. "Lights were being attended by a very intelligent young man.."
1886 Earthquake cracks cistern at North Range
11/2/1887 Miles testimonial appears in A.A. Marks, Artificial Limbs Catalog - since Sept. 1886
1887 Willow Pond? New tramway sills were put under the rear beacon on ten brick piers, which were substituted for the wooden posts of the old tramway, and 630 linear feet of elevated plank walk were built between the beacons. (Willow Pond has 8 of 10 brick piers still standing.)
1890 A new wooden substructure 20 feet high, was built for the rear beacon of this range. A new tramway was built for the front beacon.
1891 9' x 11' fireproof oil house built - Willow Pond??
1893 Tubular Lanterns placed due to shifting shoals
2/20/1895 John Miles dies. C.H. Miles replaces him
10/2/1898 Telegram - .. front light Amelia Island range destroyed
1898 Front beacon repaired after Hurricane - South End of Cumberland nearly split in two & dike constructed.
1899 Jetties almost complete and channels stabilized.
5/1/1899 Rear beacon & Front Tower discontinued. Appears the Fort Clinch Range is now the primary guide.
6/1905 Corp of Engineers declares Jetty work is completed
1996 North Rear-Range Lighthouse fireplace footings discovered by Hal Belcher